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Saint Search Mark 12:28-34

Saint Search

Beggars, tax collectors, and pasta eaters have a patron saint. Some are looking for a saint for the Internet. So what is a saint, anyway? And how does one go about finding one – or being one?!

Some people are clamoring for a new saint. Or maybe an old one who's ready to become the patron of a new realm.

Meet the already sainted Isidore of Seville, last of the ancient Christian philosophers, probably the most learned man of his era and an immeasurably influential instigator of education in the Middle Ages. He was the author of the twenty-volume magnum opus Etymologiae, and an indefatigable compiler of the world's existing knowledge. It was a bulky tome, but jam-packed with useful data.

For his efforts, Saint Isidore has been placed on the short list of spiritual superstars being considered for the role of patron saint of the Internet. And why not? Pasta eaters have their own patron saint. So do tax collectors, beggars, seekers of lost causes, students and people with sore throats or troubled marriages. Maybe the time has come for a certified cyber-saint.

Support is growing for the idea, with Isidore an early favorite. Also in the running is San Pedro Regalado who was said to...

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