Bringing the Text to Life

The Power of One Mark 9:38-50

If you want to feel the power of one, you must claim your powers and claim the power of One, the power of the divine in your life.

The power of one is potentially the greatest power in the universe. But first we must learn how to turn this power on.

Consider for a moment the microphone most of use as a preaching aid each week. Flick a switch, and a whole universe of power comes into this one instrument. A microphone is connected by wires to an outlet, which is connected by wires to a power station, which is connected by rails and roads to oil wells and mines, which is connected by light rays to the sun, which is connected by ways we still don't understand to billions of other suns.

This mike, and those who made it, didn't create the energy that makes it work. All they did was design a channel for that energy to flow.

Faith is that channel through which the power of God wants to flow into and out of your life.

Those who have turned the power on, live eternal life now. Don't live life "as usual." Don't live in a world "the way things are." Live in a world of miracles -- where peace can happen; where hunger can...

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