Bringing the Text to Life

God Will Be God Matthew 20:1-16

The first lesson of Spirituality 101 is that God is God ... and we are not.

The CitiBank credit card commercial features a decent-looking guy sincerely "telling it like it is." His voice narrates the story of the family vacation, while scenes from that outing flick by on the screen. The family goes on a trip, stops at a souvenir tourist trap and the kids want a zillion pieces of plastic junk. The guy narrating sighs and states, "So I pay. I'm the Dad. It's my job."

More vacation scenes. The family stops at a touristy restaurant. After everybody chows down, the guy again concludes -- "So I pay. I'm the Dad. It's my job."

The concluding scenes flick by with the family car breaking down and a mechanic coming out to fix it. Yet another sigh from the long-suffering father/narrator -- "So I pay. I'm the Dad. It's my job."

It's true -- sometimes. Sometimes we are in charge, it's our responsibility, and the buck stops squarely in front of us. And although we may grump and grouse about those times, most of us kind of like knowing that we are in control of what is...

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