Bringing the Text to Life

Seeker-Friendly Luke 15:1-10

Jesus came to seek and save ... those who are lost.

A family that wasn't in the practice of going to church attended the large, formal wedding of a friend. The family's youngest child, age three, sat perched on his father's knee watching all the comings and goings with great interest. There came a time in the service when a hymn was to be sung, and the organist crashed confidently into the opening chords of the song, putting the "pedal to the metal" in order to make a really good show. Immediately, the little boy cringed in terror and threw his arms around his father's neck pleading, "Daddy, make them stop the spooky music!" (Note: This story speaks volumes about busters and their reactions to Big Organ music.)

How many of you have ever been "spooked" in church? To those not familiar with the weird and wonderful ways of the church, its traditions and forms can seem not just odd, but downright threatening. We forget that the language and liturgy familiar to the initiated is strange and intimidating to those whose feet seldom stray into ...

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