Bringing the Text to Life

Anywhere Goes Romans 14:1-12

The culture says "Anything goes." The Body of Christ goes anywhere, to anything, to anyone, at anytime.

There is an old story of a visiting admiral chatting on the deck of a U.S. Navy ship with some enlisted men.

"What would you do if another sailor fell overboard?"

A sailor promptly replied: "I would raise the alarm and toss him a life preserver, sir."

The admiral asked a second question: "What would you do if it were an officer?"

At this, the enlisted man paused and thought before answering: "Which one, sir?"

We choose which ones we save, which ones we love, which ones are worth throwing the life preserver at. The apostle Paul in this week's epistle says that God changes all that.

"Anywhere Goes."

Network news recently devoted a few of its precious prime-time minutes to what was judged to be some really radical "news." It seems that "Christian rock"--in all its pop, grunge, rap and heavy-metal incarnations--has been making significant inroads on the secular music charts and music scene.

The newscasters appeared to be both slightly horrified and mildly amused that these...

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