Bringing the Text to Life

How Do You Sell A Vacuum Cleaner? Mark 7:24-37

How Do You Sell A Vacuum Cleaner?

There is only one way to sell a vacuum cleaner -- turn it on and use it.
There is only one way to evangelize -- turn on your faith and use it!

Jesus used a variety of methods -- sometimes strange, sometimes plain, sometimes controversial -- to bring wholeness and wellness into people's lives. Jesus tailored his healing techniques to the needs of the person or community, but there was one unchangeable and unshakable foundation around which everything else revolved: He was what he said he was. He turned on his life to God's Spirit working through him.

Unless we ourselves are "turned on" to the transforming power of the Spirit, we can't be good instruments for redemption and reconciliation. This sermon idea is designed to portray the essence of evangelism in as pointed and as graphic a fashion as Jesus' "spit method." The essence of evangelism is this: a life that is "turned on" to the power of the gospel, a life that is so "turned over" to the Word that the Word becomes flesh in us. Anything less than this becomes fake and phony.

We are suggesting that your sermon include a drama titled "How to Sell a Vacuum Cleaner" (Global ...

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