Bringing the Text to Life

Have a Little Faith in Me Jeremiah 18:1-11

Have a Little Faith in Me

As "clay," we bring to God our flecks and flaws, foibles and failures.And that takes a whole lot of the one thing we often lack -- trust!

A teacher asked her class of fifth-graders to write about their personal heroes. One little girl brought her essay home and showed it to her parents. Her father was flattered to discover that his daughter had chosen him.

"Why did you pick me?" he asked proudly.

"Because I couldn't spell DeCaprio," the little girl replied.

How many of us make choices in life, not because they are our "first picks," but because we're afraid to pick them or don't know how to enact our picks.

The top business guru in the United States, Tom Peters, argues that the missing pick or what he calls "The Missing X-Factor" in corporate America is "Trust" (see his Liberation Management [1997]). In a world where "relationships really are all there is," says Peters, our inability to "trust" each other is the Achilles' heel in our current national prosperity and economic "boom."

Evidence of our "mistrust" of one another is everywhere. A few years ago a significant symbol of mistrust was erected in our nation's ...

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