Bringing the Text to Life

Cord Blood Exodus 12:1-14

Cord Blood

Cord blood -- harvested from the umbilical cord at birth -- can generate enough blood to bring healing. Cross-blood Christians also know of a blood that generates life.

A seasoned earth-mother of three casually put the question to a woman expecting her firstborn in a matter of days: "So, what will you be doing with your placenta?"

"My placenta?" The expectant mother was nonplused. Frankly, she had no placenta policy. After painstakingly reading more than enough child-care books to qualify her for Supermom status, she and her husband had debated doctor vs. midwife, epidural vs. natural birth, cloth diapers vs. disposables. How could they have missed the placenta question? "What do most people do with it?" she asked.

"Most people toss it," Earth Mom conceded, "But I took mine home, dug a hole, and planted a tree over it. It's full of nutrients, you know."

As gory and disgusting as this sounded, Expectant Mom quickly consulted her obstetrician and was convinced that there was no reason to save her placenta for gardening or any other purpose. Little did anyone figure that, a mere decade later, our placenta planting friend would be on to something.


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