Bringing the Text to Life

Peekaboo Babies Mark 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23

Peekaboo Babies

Well-placed Webcams may keep babies, school kids, employees and pedestrians walking the straight and narrow, but they can't peer past outward behavior to the habits of the heart.

You're being watched.

In many cities, that means you'll get a ticket for speeding. Photo radar vans sit beneath freeway underpasses snapping your picture as you speed by. The gun records your speed while the camera focuses on your license plate. The traffic cop doesn't need to be there, and you won't know you're caught until you get the ticket in the mail!

Video cameras are popping up everywhere, like virtual seeing eyes. School districts are installing cameras in school buses to document to unbelieving parents how their children behave.

YMCAs have mounted security cameras in weight rooms, mirrored aerobic rooms, gymnasiums, child-care centers and indoor tennis courts and tracks. You can't pause to scratch yourself when you take a break in your workout without the act getting caught on camera.

In London, cameras have been posted in some neighborhoods, two or three to a block, putting citizens under constant surveillance. Yet, most people seem to approve.

Now day-care dads and...

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