Bringing the Text to Life

Just Say Boo! Matthew 23:1-12

Let''s follow our ancestors in the early church: Rather than major in minors, bring biblical relevance and metamorphic approaches to non-Christian observances like Halloween.

A new crusade is now being waged in some Christian circles against Halloween. For some Christians, Halloween has come to embody all that is wrong with our culture, our schools, our children, even ourselves. A creeping and creepy secular humanism, these Christians believe, has found its holiday home in Halloween, which supposedly celebrates the existence of witches, goblins, devils, vampires and ghosts.

Not wanting to promote the presence of evil, some genuinely frightened Christian parents are actually pulling their children out of public schools with Halloween as their prime reason. Instead of fearing drugs or violence or a generally poor education for their children, these parents cite the prevalence of Halloween parties and spooky stories as evidence that while Christianity is expressly excluded from the classroom, Satanism is actively welcomed.

The truth is hardly that dramatic. In fact, the truth is that Christianity itself "took over" Halloween, then called the "festival of...

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