Bringing the Text to Life

Life's Two Pockets Luke 18:9-14

Every one of us needs to be reminded constantly of our smallness and our greatness.

Some days everything goes right. Some days everything goes wrong.

Some days it's "Good morning, God." Other days it's "Good God, it's morning."

Every now and again, you wake up to sunshine and blue sky, your favorite shirt is clean, commuter traffic flows along like a river, the boss loves all your ideas at work, you finish early, you discover a $20 bill folded up in the corner of your pocket, dinner is a culinary masterpiece, your spouse is feeling cuddly and your kids actually ask for your opinion. You go to bed after such a day convinced that you are a truly blessed, fine, upstanding human being, worthy of praise.

On the other hand ... on the other hand, there are other days, days that dawn in gloom and end in disaster. You spill coffee on your favorite shirt, and the car refuses even to start. When you finally arrive for work, all your coworkers glower at you and reject everything you do and say all day. The bank calls complaining that you are overdrawn again. You're so late...

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