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The Gauss 1015 God Psalm 90:1-6, 13-17

The Gauss 10<sup>15</sup> God

A magnetar is a chunk of real estate generated by a starquake releasing explosive energy and magnetic fields of incredible force. But this raw, atom-shifting energy is not the greatest power of the universe.

[INTERACTIVE IDEA: Materials needed for this sermon: refrigerator magnet, sheet of tin or metal, piece of paper and compass. The opening of this sermon is information-intensive. You may feel overwhelmed. On one level, that's precisely the point. Still, the best course is to use only SOME of the material, rather than trying to feed the congregation the whole load. Prepare a PowerPoint series of slides for the material as you move through it. If this is not possible, prepare overheads and enlist a volunteer to work with you as you preach. If this doesn't appeal to you, try a bulletin insert with some of the data pre-printed. This last option is the least desirable since it removes any element of suspense.]

Answer: A magnetar. Not a super nova, a black hole or a white dwarf.

Question: [Encourage responses] What is the most powerful force in the galaxy?

A magnetar is a type of neutron star, first cousin to a white dwarf, a pulsar, and kin to a black hole. It is a chunk of...

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