Bringing the Text to Life

Angel Food Churches 1 Thessalonians 2:1-8

There are angelic forces loose in the universe. We can connect with the angelic sphere of existence and integrate angelic assistance in our everyday lives.

Last year some of the most popular Christmas gifts had to do with angels. A plethora of books about angels flooded the bookstores and quickly found their way under our Christmas trees -- Ask Your Angel; Angel Letters; The Book of Angels; Messengers of Light, The Angel's Guide to Spiritual Growth; Angels: An Endangered Species -- to name a few.

Considering angels, believing in angels or at least hoping for an angel, has once again become acceptable. Instead of trusting only in our own inner powers and self-guided insights, we seem to be opening up to the possibility that help just might be available from "another," from sources outside ourselves and higher than ourselves.

Angels as distinct creatures have been a part of all Western monotheistic religions since their beginning. There is a universal recognition among Judaism, Christianity and Islam that the one supreme God-over-all needs some form of "helpers" to act as mediators between the exalted God and the created earth. Good...

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