Bringing the Text to Life

The Fourth M: MIRACLE Miracle Workers Mark 10:46-52

Do you believe in miracles?

It seems to happen about once a year. On an otherwise "slow news day" some media person gets wind of yet another "miracle story" and runs a camera crew out to film the big event. In their most frequent incarnations these momentarily newsworthy miracles usually take the form of a vision of the divine ... of sorts.

Let's face it, though _ these are pretty puny epiphanies! The face of Christ miraculously appears in the cracked bathroom window of some rundown house. The image of a descending angel miraculously floats above the landscape scenery of some cheap painting. And of course who can forget the miraculous transformation of a home-fried tortilla into an icon by the silhouette of Jesus that emerged upon its surface.

Don't all these "miracles" make you mad? It is utterly unfair that God could appear as a pillar of smoke by day and fire by night to the escaping Israelites, that Jesus could walk on the water and bring a dead man back to life in first-century Palestine, while we here...

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