Bringing the Text to Life

Listen For the Hum Job 38:1-7 (34-41)

Listen For the Hum

It is human nature to want to be dominant, or at least stay nose to nose with our tormentors. But what do we do when the tormentor is God?

Dominance hierarchy.

It's not likely that Job gave the idea a moment's thought, especially not after the suffering began.

But Job's sufferings, as we shall see, were exacerbated by his inability to understand just what God was up to. We can't be sure if Job was being deliberately obtuse, or whether he was simply a bit dull. In any case, his life became a pathography of bitterness and despair, and not until we arrive at today's chapter in the story is there even a glimmer of hope.

In nature, dominance hierarchy is a fact of life. Animals live in groups, and within each group, one member is dominant while the others are submissive, and it is in the best interest of the submissives to pick up on their role quickly. There are perks for those at the top of the pecking order: they're given priority when it comes to food, resting places and mates. Those who are subordinate express submissive behaviors by looking away and lowering head, body or tail. Extreme submission is marked by...

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