Bringing the Text to Life

The Double Cross Mark 10:35-45

The Double Cross

Some of the disciples felt double-crossed. They expected perks, priority, position. Instead they got a double-cross in which the more VERTICAL their relationship to God, the more HORIZONTAL their relationships with others.

We all have a favorite restaurant. What's yours? [Make this an interactive moment in the sermon by having the people call out their favorites.] What's the one restaurant in which the food is just to your liking, the service gracious, and the ambiance enfolds you in comfort and well-being?

Depending on your taste and style, this favorite dining spot could be an elegant, pricey little bistro or a neighborhood greasy spoon. Sometimes both types of establishments hold a particular appeal for us -- and the one we choose depends on our mood, our company or the occasion.

As far as we know, Jesus never turned down the chance to sit down and dine with friends -- new or old. In fact, the best in-a-nutshell description of Jesus' ministry here on Earth has been succinctly summed up as "Jesus ate good food with bad people." The types of meals, the situations, the company, the locations vary greatly throughout the gospels.

But in all of Jesus' dining experiences there is one common...

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