Bringing the Text to Life

Steeple People 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

Steeple People

Cellular communication companies are cutting sweet deals with churches and putting antennas in their steeples. So what message is the Church broadcasting these days?

Camouflaged communication structures.
Say what?

A company called Valmont/Microflect claims to be "an industry leader in the development of camouflaged and multifunction communication structures."

Keep listening.

Because of their aesthetically pleasing design, Valmont/Microflect's alternative structures can solve complex communication requirements and enhance the permit process in difficult zoning locations. Each structure naturally blends into the surrounding environment, and its antennas are hidden from view.

Get it? Now you can see what's going on. Nobody wants big cell phone towers in their neighborhood, so Valmont/Microflect is offering to camouflage them!

But how?

Examples of cleverly concealed installations include: Lighting structures with curved arms and canisters to conceal antennas;
Signposts that are two-or three-legged structures with optional signage;
Camouflaged trees. "The design of the Tree Pole (TM) is site-specific to the location with careful...

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