Bringing the Text to Life

You Just Don't Get It! Matthew 22:15-22

Does your church have a learning disability? It does if it seeks to know anything above Christ.

We've all had our Waterloos -- those moments when we realize too late that we are in over our heads and sinking fast. This insight usually comes when we are sitting on the floor in the midst of a hundred electronic components with no idea which one goes back into the VCR first. Or, maybe it's at the end of another lecture on organic chemistry when we look at what we've drawn in our notebook and can't even figure out which are the hydrogen and which are the carbon molecules -- much less what they're supposed to be doing. Or, maybe it's when our teenage daughter decides that she simply must be allowed to shave off all her lovely hair -- except for one long hank somewhere on the top -- because that is the only "look" right for her. In all these situations, we have to scratch our head and admit that we "just don't get it!"

Ignorance is rarely bliss. It is constantly frustrating, often embarrassing, sometimes costly and always regrettable. And yet we often choose ignorance -- in order to...

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