Bringing the Text to Life

Stay in Touch 2 Timothy 1:1-14

Stay in Touch

Is it time for the church to get in touch with touching?

When you want to reject an experience or an idea as ridiculous or silly, what do you say? Don't we often label it as "touchy-feely"? Gushy, emotional, illogical displays are dismissed as "touchy-feely." Partly this is because our dominant responses are products of a "non-contact culture" (North Americans, Northern Europeans, Asians). We are far more comfortable with wrapping our minds around an idea than with flinging our arms around a person.

In more physically demonstrative "contact cultures" (Arabs, Latin Americans, Southern Europeans), touch is as much a part of communication as are words. Backslapping, cheek kissing, bear hugging and hand holding are the grammatical rules of a contact-culture language. But for most of us in the United States, and especially within the sanctuaries of our faith communities, we are far too hung up on the "tact" in "tactile." Ours is a "hands-off" culture. A "Don't touch me" spirit pervades both the sacred and the secular spaces in our lives....

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