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Lessons From Arabella Psalm 19

Lessons From Arabella

A space-traveling spider named Arabella spun webs that no one on Earth would have imagined. Her creativity is only one reason why we should be awe-ful Christians.

Cobwebs. Spider webs. Dust webs. Whatever.

When you accidentally cruise through one of these and feel the clinging threads in your hair and face, it is extremely irritating.

Even more irritating is to notice a cobweb in a corner of the ceiling just as guests are arriving for dinner.

Still, you can probably remember at least once in your life when you've accidentally spotted a web, perhaps after a light rain, perhaps by the woodpile in the back yard. Beautifully woven, beads of rain or dew hang from the silky fabric. Perhaps you've seen such a web when it's been backlit by the sun, and the effect is -- awesome. Really awesome.

NASA agrees with you.

So intrigued were the scientists of NASA that they wondered what effects zero gravity might have on a spider and her web.

So they found a spider volunteer and gave her a free ticket into outer space. Her name was Arabella, and she went into space aboard Skylab in 1973.

Zero gravity seemed to bring out something in this webmistress....

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