Bringing the Text to Life

Drawing Lines Luke 16:19-31

The chasm between heaven and hell is a line that has been crossed by the cross of Christ, a line that has been turned into a circle by our risen and regnant Lord.

Each of the various disciplines within the social sciences likes to believe that it has its finger on what makes human beings "tick."

For Freudian psychologists, sex is the driving force behind all we do. Disciples of Eugene Skinner see a simple desire to experience pleasure rather than pain as that which shapes our behavior. Economists find fiscal reasons lying at the root of all human activities.

There is one branch of thought among certain behavioral psychologists that suggests all our actions and all our motivations grow out of one ancient drive - the need to establish and protect our own territory. This is a theory known as the "territorial imperative." Those who identify it as the mainspring behind the behavior of higher organisms see it as the reason birds sing, insects buzz and swarm and dogs bark and bite. In human beings, the "territorial imperative" can explain everything from why you seem to spend all your precious "free time" taking care of your yard to the continued ...

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