Bringing the Text to Life

Cue the son Romans 13:11-14

Cue the son

God is calling for all sleepyheads to wake up to the light of the Son!

Is there anything harder to do in November than to wake up on dark, weekday mornings and get off to work, convincing yourself that even though it is pitch-black outside, and a starry sky is all that illumines the outdoors, somehow it is actually "morning" and time to wake up to a new "day"?

The farther north you live, the worse it gets. So bad, the Russians have decided to do something about this bleak blackness. Unbeknownst to a sleeping planet, they have announced that they will launch an enormous reflective dish into orbit. This humongous saucer will provide a few more rays of light every day to their most northern latitudes. Go figure! Who would have dreamed the Russian government would engage enormous amounts of time and money so that a few million people could crawl out of bed with a little less effort and a little more bounce?

Of course, such a technologically engineered solution to morning blahs dims to almost nonexistent candle power compared to the techno-wizardry of...

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