Bringing the Text to Life

The Generation Lap 1 Corinthians 1:3-9

The Generation Lap

You know all about "The Generation Gap," but how about "The Generation Lap"? This occurs when one age group is overtaken by its more technologically savvy offspring. The apostle Paul hopes that each generation of parents will be spiritually "lapped" by their progeny.

The generation gap.

Old news. It means that the Builder or GI generation doesn't understand their self-absorbed Boomer children. It means that Boomers wonder what's up with their Gen-Xer kids. And older Gen-Xers who have children secretly worry about the Millennial Kids' fascination with cyberspace.

Preschoolers today can wire a television, VCR and Sony PlayStation, but struggle to tie their shoelaces. Their Gen-Xer parents when they were their age could, well -- play a mean game of Pac-Man.
Middle-schoolers can help their parents navigate Windows, but, like, don't know what to do when asked to wash windows.

High-schoolers spend hours on the Internet, sending e-mail and hanging around chatrooms, and they are never more than a few clicks away from sites full of anarchy or pornography. This is their online world where it is easier to learn how to build bombs than to build relationships. While the hackers of our country are peeking into the Norad, the army, or the FBI, their Boomer...

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