Bringing the Text to Life

Are You an EB? Matthew 25:31-46

Are You an EB?

Christians today, while not facing any physical danger for sharing their faith, do face public scorn and media ridicule. We fall for it. We're quiet. We don't take action. We're EBs -- Embarrassed Believers.

Bob Dole.

Former senator from the state of Kansas to the United States Senate.

Republican candidate for the office of the President of the United States.

You see him in television and print ads hawking drugs for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. He's looking dignified and not at all embarrassed in a deep-blue, worsted-wool suit, white shirt and silk tie. He's saying: "When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, my first concern was ridding myself of the cancer. But I was also concerned about possible, postoperative side effects, like--erectile dysfunction (E.D.). I'm speaking out now in the hope that men with E.D. will get proper treatment for a condition that affects millions of men and their partners."

Yikes! Aren't you thinking that if a national public figure like Bob Dole can go on TV and talk without embarrassment about ... about ... about E.D. then we should have no problem sharing with others the simple little good news that God is in the world through Jesus Christ and offers to all...

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