Bringing the Text to Life

Are You a Crazy Dog? Mark 12:38 44

The essence of the gospel is inside-out paradox and upside-down preposterousness: The way up is down, the way in is out, the way high is low. Jesus turns the world upside-down, and invites us to an upside-down way of living, an inside-out way of thinking.

Are you brave enough to be a Crazy Dog? Jesus spent most of his ministry promoting "Crazy Dog" thinking - urging his disciples to join with him in the Crazy Dog pursuit of faithfulness and fulfillment. The Kingdom of God, Jesus insisted, would be filled with Crazy Dogs - people who believe the first are last, the greatest are the least, the strong are the weak, and the meek win it all.

What is a Crazy Dog? The Crow Indians used to rescue their lives from spirit-stunting ruts by engaging in what they called "Crazy Dog" activities. Being a Crazy Dog could mean simple things like purposefully eating dinner for breakfast, wearing your clothes inside-out, or playing a pots-and-pans symphony from midnight to six in the morning. Being a Crazy Dog also meant taking more self-risking steps - daring to be seen as foolish or weak or strange - for the sake of others and for your own sense of well-being.

Brian Bowne Walker in his book The Crazy Dog Guide to Lifetime Happiness (New York: Dell,...

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