Bringing the Text to Life

The Widow's Might Mark 12:38-44

The Widow's Might

How do you measure life? In worldly weights and measures like dollars and cents, or using spiritual scales of love, service and friendship?

In our local supermarket, there are several different candy counters. A big display of all the old favorites greets you just as you turn your cart into the first aisle.

At the opposite end of the store is half a wall of bulk candy -- big packages for big families or big sweet tooths. There are racks of typical "movie candies" at the video rental desk. Finally, there is one whole display rack located up by the comic books that holds all the really sweet, gooey, glow-in-the-dark, pop-in-your-mouth candy that little kids adore. Actually, about 75 percent of that display is devoted to all the various sizes, shapes and packaging forms bubble gum can take.

The types of candies at each of these locations appeal to the particular set of standards that motivate different types of candy buyers.

Some people would never dream of purchasing anything but an "old standard" -- a Milky Way, a Hershey Bar, M&Ms.

For others, the most important thing is quantity, not quality. For them, there is no ...

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