Bringing the Text to Life

Jesus' Bad Manners Luke 19:1-10

Jesus didn''t wait for an invitation. He came and got people, even people who were hiding like Zacchaeus, even people who were lost.

Consider this scene that every parent has been confronted with at some time. You are busy in the kitchen getting dinner ready while your child and a neighbor friend are playing out back. Suddenly, two hopeful faces confront you, and you hear, "Mom/Dad, Jamie can stay for dinner can't he? Please, oh please!"

Now, really! What are you supposed to do - throw poor, starving, little "Jamie" out on the street? No matter what your plans for a quiet family meal might have been, your child's sense of hospitality has changed everything.

Children seem to be naturally hospitable. They invite friends over to play. They invite all sorts of creatures to share their room. They seem committed to leaving the front door wide open. It takes years of what we like to call "socializing" to teach our children to be inhospitable. We drill into them that they must first ask us before asking their friends over for dinner or to stay the night. We insist our home is not a rescue shelter for injured ants,...

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