Bringing the Text to Life

God's Missionary People Acts 2:1-21

It is time for "The Missionary Church" to come forth.

"At a revival in Sevierville, Tennessee, a barber was 'saved.' The preacher told him that since he was a barber and got to meet a lot of people, he could do a great work for the Lord if he would talk to them about religion and salvation. When he asked how he could get into a conversation like that with his customers, the preacher said, 'Just do it casually. Talk to them about their soul, ask if their house is in order, if they are prepared to die, and so on.'

"The first man to come in the next day wanted a shave, so the barber put a hot towel over him, talking about the weather and what-not, and then after he had lathered the man up good, he figured it was time to get down to the religion part. He grabbed up his razor, stropped it a few times, pointed at the man, and said bluntly, 'Brother, are you prepared to die?'

"The man jumped up and ran out of the barbershop with the lather still on his face." (Loyal Jones and Billy Ed Wheeler, eds. Hometown Humor, USA: Over 300 Jokes and...

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