Bringing the Text to Life

Vanity Plates, Lifting Weights and Soul Mates John 3:1-17

Everyone is looking for salvation. It can only be found in Jesus.

Ever been idly remote-cruising through the channels on your television and suddenly been stopped in your electronic tracks by an explosive, commanding, gravelly voice coming from a physically daunting young woman dressed in workout wear and sporting a white Marine sergeant hairdo?

If so, you've found Susan Powter -- one of the new diet/exercise evangelists of TV. Powter uses the "infomercial" the way Martin Luther used doors and John Wesley used tree stumps -- and she's packing them in. Susan Powter preaches her conversion story over and over again to crowds desperate to find some way to improve their lives. In her testimony she tells of being a miserable, 200+-pound mother of two small children when her no-good husband walked out on her. The fact that she is now a svelte, powerfully built, rich and successful television personality obviously suggests something happened to turn her life around. Her secret to a meaningful life? Her key that transformed her from a miserable overweight ...

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