Bringing the Text to Life

Double Dutch Acts 1:6-14

The Ascension makes every person a contemporary of Jesus the Christ.

Jesus became incarnate at a particular time, in a particular place. He had a distinctive ethnic heritage and lived in the midst of and according to certain culturally defined standards. The Jesus of Nazareth who lived in the year 33 would hardly find himself comfortable or well-adapted to live in Detroit, Michigan, in 1993. But the Jesus who ascended into heaven would - and does.

Now that Jesus is ascended, he is able to transcend that kind of singularity and offer to the world a multicultural Holy Spirit, capable of infusing the church with life throughout the ages and wherever it may be in the world.

In 1992 two of the best indicators of America's changing face were demonstrated by her stomach. For the first time, sales of tortillas eclipsed the sales of bagels, muffins and pitas in the nation's choice of breakfast breads. A major contributor to this phenomena was that reliable cultural indicator, McDonald's, who began serving breakfast burritos and chicken fajitas alongside their ...

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