Bringing the Text to Life

Dare Care Acts 2:1-21

If we want transformation, we must risk chaos of the chrysalis. Risk is another word for faith.

Remember your first science project? Or more precisely, what is the first science project you remember?

Often, one of the first science projects children undertake is to watch a plain little caterpillar spin a cocoon about itself until it is completely shrouded within a chrysalis. The wonder of transformation is made real to the children when, days later, an entirely different creature -- a beautiful butterfly -- emerges from the apparently lifeless shell.

As children, we immediately focus on the delicate creature that emerges so mysteriously from the cocoon. With the actual process inside the cocoon unseen, there is a lot of romance about the cocoon. A creepy, crawly caterpillar is magically transformed into a radiant, soaring butterfly. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

Forget it. For the caterpillar, there was nothing "wonderful" about it.

A caterpillar doesn't just grow into a butterfly. A caterpillar must undergo molting and metamorphosis -- the dramatic silence of the pupa in ...

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