Bringing the Text to Life

The Real Lord's Prayer John 17:6-19

The real "Lord''s Prayer" is the source of a theology of culture that can propel the church to claim the world for Christ.

Who could have ever imagined that some of the world's greatest scientific minds -- physicists, mathematicians, astronomers, computer specialists -- would be all excited about GUTs and TOEs?

GUTs and TOEs, you say? To those of you not familiar with the shorthand slang of today's scientists, these terms are not referring to innards and feet, but rather to Grand Unification Theories and Theories of Everything. For a while, the search for GUTs and TOEs was kind of a dirty little secret shared among researchers whose I.Q.'s are so high no one even bothers to ask them what they are working on.

But in 1988 one of these whiz kids, Stephen Hawking, spilled the beans by talking about the search for GUTs and TOEs in his surprise best seller A Brief History of Time (New York: Bantam Books, 1988). Suddenly, instead of trying to dissect every cosmic movement down to its smallest unit, certain scientists admit they are looking for some theory, some concept, some intentional "design" that pulls...

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