Bringing the Text to Life

The Longest Journey Is the Shortest Distance Acts 17:22-31

The longest journey can be the shortest distance -- the journey around and within. A big reason God is not more real is that we look only at remote and distant places and not AROUND and WITHIN.

Ever notice how the places that are celebrated as perfectly gifted with the qualities that raise consciousness, enlighten the mind, bring peace to the soul -- are located about as far away from where you are as possible?

Popular spiritualities routinely tout the mountains of Tibet, the temples of India, the deserts of New Mexico as the best locations for exalted spiritual insight and renewal. When is the last time you heard someone talk about finding fertile ground for nurturing the soul in ... White Plains, New York; Topeka, Kansas; Boise, Idaho; Green Bay, Wisconsin; or (name your community here)? Perhaps that is one reason so many of us decide that setting out on a spiritual quest, going on a journey in search of God's perfect presence, is simply too much effort. Assuming that an experience of holiness requires some exotic, remote location, we despair of any hope of experiencing God in our own lives before we even get started.

Paul's speech before the Athenians dared them to...

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