Bringing the Text to Life

The Age of Rage Acts 7:55-60

At the moment when Stephen could have hated the most, he loved the deepest. We can too, when we pass through the "gates of deepest darkness."

We have all seen "The Gates of Deep Darkness."

We have known the pain of disease, the loneliness of divorce, the sting of death, the agony of betrayal, the ache of rejection. There have been times in our lives when we were not having the time of our lives. We can identify with Jesuit theologian/preacher Walter Burghardt when he confesses that in his own living, "Life, at times, does seem to seal tombs, bury hopes, nail dreams to hard wood. "

Yes. Then we have seen the gates of deep darkness. We can begin to understand what Stephen went through.

There are those who say there is no way out of the darkness. There are those who say that life is but a series of passing through gates of deep darkness. Indeed, the darkness is getting deeper and deeper. It has been just a year since Los Angeles erupted in violent rage and remonstrance after the Rodney King verdict. But instead of acting as an explosion whose uncontrolled outburst sucks the air and power out of all other flames, the L.A....

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