Bringing the Text to Life

The Six Longest Short Verses in the Bible Psalm 23

God has promised to turn our "thoughs" into "throughs."

There is a story from the first century B.C. that may be apocryphal. The story took place when much of the world was unexplored, unknown and largely unmapped. Mapmakers had to have some way of portraying those areas of the earth that were as yet unexplored, so they symbolized these regions by dragons, monsters and large fish. The message was clear. Uncharted territories were frightening, fearsome places. Terrors lay buried there. But as many maps declared, "There be Treasures" as well.

The story is this: One commander of a battalion of Roman soldiers was caught up in a battle that took him into the territory that the mapmakers had represented with their monsters and dragons. Not knowing whether to forge ahead into the unknown, or turn back into the known, which would also be a retreat, he dispatched a messenger to Rome with this urgent request: "Please send new orders. We have marched off the map."

We are now marching off the map. Indeed, we are now "marching off the map" more...

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