Bringing the Text to Life

Rock-Bottom Living 1 Peter 2:2-10

Instead of "rolling stones," disciples of Jesus are called to be "living stones."

There has been a lot of tongue wagging going on in the media lately about "The Spoiling of America." This is not concern about water pollution or unchecked deforestation. It is about children -- especially our swelling population of spoiled children.

- How big a collection of Power-Rangers does your 5-year-old need?
- How many Super Nintendo cartridges does it take to satisfy your 9-year-old?
- How much money must really be spent on entertainment at your 11-year-old's birthday party?
- How many sports and hobbies must you fully outfit your 14-year-old for?
- How important is it that a new car be in the driveway on the day your 16-year-old gets a driver's license?
- How much longer can you expect to be financially responsible for your college-bound 18-year-old, or your graduate-school-bound 22-year-old?

What spoiled children and the spoiled adults they become soon find out, however, is that "more" adds up to less and less. Less satisfaction, less joy, less enthusiasm, less...

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