Bringing the Text to Life

Terminator 3 Acts 9:1-20

The power of Christ can turn "Terminators" into "Transformers."

A few years ago the big rage among the 5- to 10-year-old set were little plastic toys known as "transformers." These ingenious little gizmos looked like any average robot-like alien creature. But with a tutored pull, twist, flip and click, small fingers could transform them into a car or tank or flying-killer-attack-weapon. Wheels and wings and guns were cleverly hidden inside the robot bodies of these toys giving them their dual identity. Fascinated by the toy's ability to change before their very eyes, kids made these "transformers" enormously popular.

The summer of 1991 saw the release of yet another Arnold Schwarzenegger movie - "Terminator 2", or T-2 as it came to be known. All the characters from the original futuristic, sci-fi, run-for-your-life movie were there, but with one important difference. Schwarzenegger's character, the "terminator," had been transformed - or in this case re-programmed - into a kind of guardian angel for the ever-pursued woman and child. Other equally ...

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