Bringing the Text to Life

Hacking into Heaven John 14:1-14

Hacking into Heaven

Sometimes we approach prayer like computer hackers trying to break a code when, in fact, the only passwords we need are, "Thy will be done."

Once upon a time, the Internet was a hacker playground, a place for electronic cowboys to commit pointless vandalism and pinch an occasional credit card number. Now the Net is becoming a far-reaching political platform, a place for radical activists to attack social institutions. Political hackers are finding that institutions are more vulnerable in cyberspace than they are in the physical world. If the revolution in the '60s was televised, "the revolution," they say today, "will be digitized."

"In recent months," reports The New York Times, "groups as diverse as the Animal Liberation Front, a militant animal-rights group; Radio4All, which supports pirate broadcasting, and international teams of teenagers with cyber pseudonyms like Milworm and causes like anti-imperialism have increasingly begun pumping political protest through the Internet's security holes."

A day after China's human rights agency announced its new Web site, "the official view of that nation's human rights record...

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