Bringing the Text to Life

Mission Impossible Mark 11:1-11

Impossible missions cannot be accomplished alone: God needs us, and we need God.

Ever broken an arm or a hand, a leg or a finger? Then you know how hard it suddenly becomes to do even the simplest tasks.

Ever try to tie your shoe with one hand? Or open a jar with one hand? Or fold a shirt with one hand? Things we are used to performing with utter ease using two hands become agonizingly slow and take all our concentration when only one is available. Even then, the results are sloppy and embarrassing. Some tasks take two--two hands, two people, two wills, two hearts. One simply isn't enough to get the job done.

In today's gospel lesson, when Jesus sends his disciples after the young colt that he will ride into Jerusalem, he sends out a team to get the job done. Just as when Jesus had sent his disciples out to preach and heal and exorcise demons (he sent them "two by two"), Jesus continues to keep his disciples operating as teams.

Do you think the two disciples chosen for this latest duty looked forward to this "mission" with the same sort of anticipation that...

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