Bringing the Text to Life

A World of White Slippers, Purple Dresses and Pink Sneakers Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32

A World of White Slippers, Purple Dresses and Pink Sneakers

The church offers rings, robes and sandals for people in white slippers, purple dresses and pink sneakers.

She is just another busy executive type. This morning she is engaged in a top-level meeting, presenting to her biggest clients a major new plan she has labored over for months. Her statistics are accurate, her goals clear; questions of cost and expected results are all handled expertly. Only one thing betrays this woman's nervous tension as she wends her way through her presentation -- the fact that she keeps playing with her big, white, puffy rabbit's-foot slippers -- taking them on and off, scuffling them back and forth, even dangling them on the tops of her toes.

Obviously, this woman is an executive with a difference. That "difference" is not that she wears bedroom slippers into the office, but that her office has followed her home. She has conducted this high-powered meeting on her home computer hookup. She has a "virtual office," which means she can sit at home wearing comfortable, if ridiculous, slippers and still be a corporate player. She can be present with her children in...

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