Bringing the Text to Life

Get Real 1 Samuel 16:1-13

To "Get Real" ultimately means to "Get Spiritual."

Any parent here not yet heard these words: "Get Real"?

So how, after all, does one "Get Real"? What is the really real reality?

When Samuel sat reviewing that parade of Jesse's sons, he was tempted to use all the old "Get Real" standards in order to pick a new king. But God reminded Samuel that the divine perception of reality differs significantly from our limited human view. When Samuel stopped using just his eyes and relied instead on the spirit of God, he immediately "saw" that the "ruddy," harp- playing, dancing shepherd-son of Jesse offered the spiritual strength and leadership that Israel would need from its next king.

It is time for us all to start using our "spiritual eyes." It is time to heed our kids' advice. It's time to Get Real about our faith, Get Real about life, Get Real about death. It's time to believe what we believe. The spiritual and social implications of Pentecost have yet to be explored for the age in which we live.

In order for us to "Get Real," we must...

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