Bringing the Text to Life

Pray Your Way In John 12:20-33

Prayer is more than praying our way out of trouble; it is praying ourselves into the will of God.

There are two kinds of Christians-- those who "pray their way in," and those who "pray their way out." Most of us, unfortunately, take our prayer lives most seriously when we are trying to "pray our way out."

--When you're rushing to get to an appointment that you're already late for and you don't notice the traffic cop's car until you've whizzed halfway past it -- Time to "pray your way out."

--When you walk into math class and suddenly realize the chapter test is today, not tomorrow -- Time to "pray your way out."

--When you get a letter with a return address from the Internal Revenue Service -- Time to "pray your way out."

--When your company announces it will begin downsizing/"right-sizing"/"upsizing" or whatever else they call it -- Time to "pray your way out."

--When your spouse confronts you with the possibility of divorce -- Time to "pray your way out."

Life hits a skid when situations arise that may cause pain or fear, anger or hardship. We are suddenly brought up...

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