Bringing the Text to Life

The Well That Will Never Run Dry Exodus 17:1-7

Only water can quench eternal thirst. But each generation picks up that water using different containers with different handles.

[Begin your sermon by putting your hands in a pitcher of water, then pulling them out and letting the water drip down so that the congregation can see and hear it.]

Is there anything else as miraculous as water? Search the cosmos for other signs of life. So far, planet Earth is the only blue planet. It is the vast oceans of our world that have made it possible for all the life forms we know to develop on our planet. The first creation story in Genesis begins with its feet wet. Before any other creating can occur, God must gather the waters and separate a heavenly dome out of them. We cannot perceive even the primordial beginnings of life without water. Water is the fluid of life.

The word "water" comes from Arabic for luster and splendor. It is used often in talking about jewelry, especially the luster and transparency of the finest jewels. Water is nature's jewelry, the very elixir of life.

Both the Exodus and John texts deal with the human need for water. In the Exodus text, the...

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