Bringing the Text to Life

Why Communism Collapsed John 3:1-17

The most powerful forces in the universe are spiritual, not material. The Spirit can do what walls and tanks and weapons cannot. Communism failed because it didn''t factor in the things of the Spirit.

The most dramatic and riveting evidence of the intimacy between the willful wind of God and human political creations lies in the incredible collapse of communism in 1989 in the Eastern European countries. Not tanks, not bombs, not bullets, but the huffing and puffing of the pneuma has blown down the Berlin Wall and blown apart not only the Soviet bloc but also the entire Soviet Union. In its wake, this windstorm has left not desolation but a new spirit of hope and anticipation. Never has so large a segment of the world been so open to the witness of the church as the populations of these countries.

A group of postdoctoral scholars from United Theological Seminary (including this writer) traveled to Moscow to participate in the first truly free May Day (May 1, 1992) celebrations since 1917. Our group, mostly pastors from some of the largest "tall steeple" churches in America and Korea, obtained a private interview with Mikhail Gorbachev. Soviet history may be over, but a new day is...

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