Bringing the Text to Life

Stone Testaments Deuteronomy 26:1-11

Mark the milestones in your life journey.

[Note: This is an interactive, experiential, participatory sermon. You will need to arrange ahead of time for a flower or stone for every person, which is given to them with their bulletins. And you will need a musician, preferably a cellist, who will be a secret partner with you for this experience. The fewer the people who know what you are going to do, the better. The element of surprise is key to the narrative.]

Have you ever had this experience? You arrive home after a hectic day at work and find waiting for you a surprise. Maybe it's a special dinner, or a bouquet of flowers, or a special gift to commemorate some anniversary that you had completely forgotten about. What a sinking, stinking feeling! And then to have to confess to your thoughtful spouse that you were too busy, or preoccupied or distracted to remember the date as the anniversary of your first date, or moving into your first apartment, or even your wedding day.

We are not allowed to forget to commemorate the big,...

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