Bringing the Text to Life

Go There! but Don't Go There! Luke 4:1-13

Go There! but Don't Go There!

The Scriptures are a spiritual positioning system to help us know where to go and where not to go.

One person's favorite pasttime easily can be another's worst nightmare. Compare a friend with a bad fear of heights with a buddy who thinks nothing beats the thrill of skydiving. Try to suggest caving (spelunking) to your favorite claustrophobic and see what kind of reaction you get. Urge your non-swimming, water-terrified friend to go white-water rafting with you.

Of course all these examples are based on a phobic fear of something in life that we can't control. For a really bad time based on a perfect mismatching of abilities and enjoyment, try inviting a directionally diminished friend for a weekend of "orienteering."

"Orienteering" is a sport of following directions, taking accurate compass readings, and moving about a mapped-out course with precision, speed and an unerring sense of where you are at all times. For some people it's like a treasure hunt, a mental contest, and a great hike all wrapped into one. In short, they love it.

For those of us incapable of determining...

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