Bringing the Text to Life

Getting the Face We Deserve Exodus 34:29-35

What does a Christian look like? Does your face reveal your faith?

At 50, it is said, everyone gets the face they deserve. What about you?

Who among us over the age of 30 would dare go out for a day in the sun without a thick coating of sunscreen, SPF 15 at least, slathered on our skin. We might even add a stripe of neon colored zinc-oxide down our noses, plus a hat for good measure. Of course, for some of us the words of warning about over-exposure came too late. The damage has been done...we have, yes, wrinkles! lines! creases!

Yeech! What an image! No wonder the multi-million dollar cosmetic industry provides so many moisturizing, micro-encapsulated, mega-drenched, money-sucking methods for combating the effects sun, rain, wind, and life have on our faces. While the baby boomer generation may just be willing to concede that they should begin to "act their age," it is abundantly clear that they have no intention of looking it. The standard of beauty, the epitome of handsomeness, is still defined by those flawless faces we see on magazine models and movie stars. Big eyes, perfect noses, collagen enhanced lips, soaring ...

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