Bringing the Text to Life

Why We Go to Church Matthew 10:40-42

We are called to be hosts and hostesses to the divine. Are you welcoming God this morning?

A recent study in Great Britain found that 42 percent of regular church-goers fall asleep in church. Ever feel like yawning in church yourself?

This'll wake you up: "Yawning is of medical importance because it is symptomatic of pathology such as brain lesions and tumors, hemorrhage, motion sickness, chorea and encephalitis." So says a 1987 University of Maryland report in the journal Behavioral and Neural Biology. So while you're yawning, be sure to tell yourself: "Not to worry. There's only a small chance it's a tumor." (As cited in Joel Achenbach, Why Things Are [New York: Ballantine, 1991], 156.)

One more thing about yawning: Mammals of lower rank turn their heads away from mammals of higher rank when they yawn. Scholars who study animal life on earth have witnessed the phenomenon repeatedly: in the wild ... around zoos ... at sales meetings ... at worship.

Now, when you yawn, at least you will feel both guilty and worried about doing so. Unfortunately, guilt and worry seem to...

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