Bringing the Text to Life

A Pre-Existing Condition Matthew 9:35-10:8 (9-23)

A Pre-Existing Condition

The good news is that God''s love covers all pre-existing conditions: No small print. No exclusions. No problems.

If there are three words which can strike fear into someone's heart, it's probably these: "pre-existing medical condition." Have one, and you might not get health insurance, or your next job.

Despite federal laws prohibiting the use of "pre-existing" medical conditions as a bar to insurance coverage, problems still exist. Listen to the words of Robert Frazier of Elkhart, Texas, who wrote a letter to the editor of the Dallas Morning News:

"My wife was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis ... she makes too much ... to qualify for Medicare .... It makes it difficult to make a living, especially one that has insurance, [since] my wife would have to wait a year to qualify for coverage, due to her pre-existing medical condition."

Or consider the plight of William Cowie, who applied for a manufacturing job at a Rockwell International plant in Centralia, Illinois, in 1993. He was tested for the "likelihood" of developing a repetitive stress injury, and was denied employment. Mr. Cowie is...

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