Bringing the Text to Life

Bite Your Tongue Matthew 9:35-10:8 (9-23)

Tilt your ear, not your tongue, to God, to others and to yourself.

We've all watched an earnest 3-year-old struggling to button his or her shirt. They contort their bodies, squint up their faces and hunker down over the resistant button while their small fumbling fingers try gamely to force it through the hole. Accomplishing this task takes all their concentration, all their energy, and a lot of "tongue power."

We all use tongue power. In fact recent research has found it to be an instinctual human behavioral response. Tongue power is the ubiquitous human characteristic of sticking the tongue out of the mouth, curling it, moving it, lashing it back and forth, while engaged in some difficult or challenging task. Sociologists have observed this trait in every known human society, spanning all ages and all ethnic, cultural, economic and developmental differences.

Not only do all humans engage in this behavior, but sociologists have determined that it always is interpreted the same way. Sticking the tongue out while busily attending to some other task...

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